The power of the built world

Note:  this is not my design, nor do I know who the designer is.  I am talking about this because it is a great example of the power of the built environment.


As any designer will admit to, I was doing some research the other day and I started looking at modern fence ideas.  Fences are really cool because they are often overlooked, but like all overlooked things, a well designed fence adds an additional level of WOW factor to a project.  This fence project, however, stood out to me a lot more than all the cool minimalistic/clean lined fences because it accomplishes a very unique goal.  It is a dividing element, yet it is spatial at the same time.  In essence, it can be considered a piece of furniture, but it is so much more than just that.  Often times, we set out to design pieces based on our preconceived labels we assign to objects.  The beauty of furniture and other smaller scale projects is that they have the power to function as both a functional object in space and define the space that they encompass.  This is what sweedenDesigns is all about; thank you for your time, and finalized images of my new table and contextual photos of my first table will be posted shortly!




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